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Dec 21, 2020

And we are officially BACK! Join us as we talk Stilgar's existential crisis, Alia the ancient 25-year-old, and two weird but ultimately charming kids, it's Children of Dune! 

Nov 27, 2020

Friends of the show Jay and Sean from the podcast Two Guys To The Dark Tower Came are back to help us close out Wizard and Glass. We talk about Roland's romantic nature, Suzannah's similarities to her tutor, and the unmatched courage of Susan Delgado. Join us,...

Nov 20, 2020

Megan and Beau are joined by Podcasting wunderkind Phil Gonzales, who hosts such shows as Deep In Bear Country, It's Del Toro Time, and Pizza Toast: A Babysitters Club Podcast. In this episode, they discuss book four of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, first love, ticking clocks, the patois of coastal Texas, and how...

Oct 30, 2020

Megan and Beau talk love, loss, regret, time travel and Tilda Swinton as they close the book on Dune Messiah. Paul deals with things in the most Paul way, Alia is doing her best and Hayt finally makes peace with his Duncan side. We say goodbye to a beloved favorite and hello to the two newest Atreides. Join us! 

Oct 23, 2020

Megan and Beau are here to talk Hayt's true purpose (it's a doozy) and Alia's spice overdose. Things get a little romancey this week so prepare yourselves for lots of wistful sighing. Also, thanks so much for your patience while we got this episode out, to show our gratitude we're releasing this to all tiers! #roundegg