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Nov 22, 2022

Elle and Beau are joined by Excessively Diverted Co-Host Sammi C to talk Galadriel (and her horse), the internal workings of Harfoot society, and why Elrond is (or should be) a Libra. 


music by Autohacker

Art by Salty Said Sweetly

Nov 8, 2022

While Megan continues to convalesce Elle and Beau are back to talk about episode 2 of The Rings of Power. Hot Elves! Hot Dwarves! Hot Wizards! Hot...Sauron??

Music by Autohacker

Podcast Art by Salty Said Sweetly

Nov 1, 2022

Episode 1 - A Shadow of the Past

Beau North and Elle Busko break down the first episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

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