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Apr 16, 2021

Grab your FremKit and hail a WUber, this week's episode is a doozy. Leto and Ghani finally face off with the Laza Tigers and sadly there is no House music but there is a lot of blood and sand getting in wounds. Next up, Farad'n decides to play his cards close to his chest as the gang on Salusa Secundus decides whether...

Apr 5, 2021

The reunion no one asked for is here as Duncan makes good on his promise to kidnap Lady Jessica and Prince Farad'n plays his mom like a baliset. Also, General Hux's beauty regimen, Thrawn's place in the Duniverse, and Fremen cancel culture

Mar 26, 2021

Jessica's been on Arrakis for a while now but she's finally getting ~*thirsty*~ for those Baliset Rockstars while BarLia (Baron!Alia) is unmasked. The Fremen are here to tell our Mother of Moisture (ew) that the worms are in danger, girl while Leto and Ghani sneak off over the orchard and through the bled, to...

Mar 19, 2021

Thanks very much for hanging in while Beau dealt with physical and technical difficulties this week, now that we are up and running again we once more join Alia, Irulan, and...Duncan? Didn't he *just* leave? Alia sees conspiracies everywhere, with reason, and Jessica takes the water out of Javid. Join us for chapters...

Mar 8, 2021

Follow us as we take you into the Arrakis version of 'A Marriage Story' while Alia and Duncan make their separate plans. With Stilgar busy worrying about the twins, Ghani has some unsettling recollections to discuss with Lady Jessica. Grab your Computer Man Clone Gift and join us for Children of Dune!